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Our Specialty

   Optics, It's not just our job - it's our committed passion!

Our business hours are 9:00am - 6:00pm, Monday - Friday


We specialize in demanding critical application optics. Our off-axis parabolas exhibit super fine polished surfaces required in laser and holography applications.














Limited production runs to one piece on demand. We look forward to working for you on whatever you need.

Glass Costs are going through the roof!

Current 2022 blank prices from United Lens..........

6"         $175

8"         $375

10"       $950

12.5"  $1,600

Our Capabilities   

*Spherical Optics

*Parabolic Optics

*Round and Elliptical Precision Flat work

*Off-Axis Parabolas

*Laser Optics

*Industrial Optics

*Defense Optics

*Optical Coatings

*Production runs

*Limited Production

*Custom Production

*Refiguring of your existing optics
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