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                Elliptical/Flat Optics




All current production is with Fused Quartz. Most ellipticals diagonal mirrors are  in stock!.


We manufacture optical flats in just about any size, shape and material, including your material. If you need something other than listed below, send us a detailed message of what you need and we will provide you with a quotation.

We also manufacture larger elliptical diagonal mirrors as used in astro-imaging telescopes and large Newtonian/Dobsonian telescopes.

Testing throughout is done by non-contacting interferometry whenever possible and are tested at full aperture whenever possible. All of our elliptical/flat optics are precision pitch polished and have excellent surface quality, thoroughly inspected at every stage of manufacture. Our enhanced aluminum coatings are applied for 45 degree angle of incidence.




Large elliptical Diagonal Flat Mirrors

We have begun regular production of quartz EDM's. Our blanks are  diamond machined on all sides. Ample safety bevel is provided, front and back for safe handling. Painstakingly polished until 1/10 wave, P-V, usually much better. Test data with serial number provided. Includes our enhanced aluminum coatings.

                                            Minor                 Price

                                       2.60" Quartz in stock                                                        3.10"  Quartz in stock

                                       3.50" Quartz in stock                                                        4.00" Quartz in stock                                                        4.50" Quartz in stock                                                        5.00" Supremax in stock                                                  5.50" Quartz in stock            

                                       6.00" IFQ                                                                            6.25" IFQ                                                                           6.50" IFQ                                                                           7.00"  IFQ

                                       IFQ = Inquire for quotation,                                              most sizes in limited stock 



All sizes 5.00" and larger are 1.0” thick.

Enhanced aluminum coatings at 45 degree angle of incidence optimization.

We just installed a new larger ZYGO system

4.0" - Before refigure - this is from a 16" import Dobsonian

4.0" - Ostahowski Optics refigure

5.5" - Before refigure - this is from a U.S. manufacture who includes this in their own expensive Dob scopes

5.5" - Ostahowski Optics refigure

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