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  Optical Coating

We offer 96%, multi-layer (4)

enhanced aluminum coatings. Standard Aluminum coatings are available upon request. Our cryogenic systems produce consistently first-rate coatings.

In side by side comparisons, our coatings are brighter and more brilliant than the competition.

We remove old coatings and center spot at no additional charge, providing you send us the center spot

For those of you in Southern California, we welcome "walk-ins" Monday-Friday, but ask that you make an appointment


Ostahowski Optics, Inc. uses a dilute solution of hydrochloric acid and copper sulfate to remove old coating (green river). This solution safely removes the old coating without affecting the underlying glass or optical figure. This method has been used safely for years, it is gentle but is effective on aluminum and the over-coating on top of the aluminum.


*Ostahowski Optics, Inc. is not liable or responsible  for prior surface damage due to previous improper cleaning and/or coating techniques. Often times, this damage cannot be seen until the original coating is removed!.

We assume no liability for damage of any kind. We will use utmost care in handling your optics for coating but our coatings will not fix scratches, sleeks, a lack of a complete polish or figuring defects.


Optic recoats: It is very important to let us know in advance if you suspect your optics have a di-electric coating or a base coating of Chrome, Inconel or Nickel. We cannot remove di-electric coatings - period. We can remove the base layer if it is Nickel, Inconel or chrome. We do not see this very often and it can add to a slight delay in processing your order as well as a modest increase in cost.

Our coatings are completely strippable.




Elliptical Coating


2.14"              $60       

2.60"              $70       

3.10"             $100

3.50"             $120

4.00"             $150

4.50"             $200

5.00"             $220

5.50"             $250

6.00"             $280     

6.50"             $320

7.00"             $360  

8.00"             $415


No charge for coating the elliptical when included with the primary!


Primary Diameter


6"                            $175

8"                            $220

10"                          $300

12.5"                       $390

14"                          $420

15"                          $440

16"                          $500 17.5"                       $550

18"                          $590

20"                          $875

22"                        $1,050

24"                        $1,300

25"                        $1,575

26"                        $1,800

28"                       $2,000

30"                       $2,450

32"                       $3,200

up to 36" by quotation

+ return shipping charges. Typical lead time is 7 - 14 days.


*Products received that are not ready for coating and need additional preparation will incur additional charges for that service. This includes us removing paint, glue and mounting brackets.

Optical evaluation is not included in the above coating prices.

chrome strip.jpg

Primary Optic Reflectivity Curve


Elliptical Diagonal Reflectivity Curve



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