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         Our specials Include one of a kind, limited production       and excess over runs, all offered at a really great price! 


                             I do not sell "seconds" of anything






 1) Available for IMMEDIATE shipping,

SN 01462. This is a 16" f4.5 primary made from Fused Quartz, 1.625" thick. Includes our enhanced aluminum coating, an elliptical Fused Quartz diagonal (3.5" or 4.0"), Free Fed Ex shipping in Cont. US. We will ship Internationally at our actual shipping charge.             $3,750.00






2) Exact same offer as above, same physical dimensions.







































I have a supply of 20" x 1.75" Fused Quartz substrates (precision anneal) that I will be fabricating into finished optics for 2023 - 2024 delivery. Contact us for pricing as it varies depending on the focal length. Let us know if you might be interested. High quality substrates will be in high demand this year as the supply is limited and material prices are rising through the roof, I had to stick my neck out to get these.

Planning to do them in the following.

F- ratios:

F 3.5

F 4.0

F 4.5

F 5.0

If you need something else just give me a shout out.








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