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    Limited production runs, some available NOW with immediate shipping and some in process - to be finished! 


Need additional information? Send me a text or give us a call.

                               Text to 760-445-3398.


                         All THESE ARE READY TO SHIP, NOW!

        Site will be updated frequently as optics are added or sold.


                 SN 01578    24" f3.3    80.1" fl.   fused quartz      2.010" edge thickness    RTS

                 SN 01620    12.5" f5    62.9" fl.   Pyrex (molded) 2.050" edge thickness    RTS (19.4#)

                 SN 01624    16" f4.2    67.0" fl.   Supremax          1.600" edge thickness     RTS (24.3#)

                 SN 01651    24" f3.3    80.1" fl.   fused quartz      1.705" edge thickness    RTC

                 SN 01627    12.5" f4    49.8" fl.   Pyrex (molded) 2.015" edge thickness    RTS (19.3#)

                 SN 01628    20" f4.0    80.6" fl.   Fused Quartz    1.750" edge thickness     RTS

The above optics come with interferometric test data and have our enhanced aluminum coatings. We can also supply a matching fused quartz elliptical diagonal, manufactured in our optical shop. We can ship worldwide, please inquire for pricing on these finished optics.                                                  All subject to prior sales.


Code: RTS - Ready to ship

           RTC - Ready to coat then ship (7 day or less lead time)




The following are primary optics that are currently in production and are available to purchase with a deposit to hold for a near future delivery date. Interferometric data and our enhanced aluminum coatings are included. Don't see what you want? Then ask.


                             12.5" f4.0 50.0" fl.   Pyrex                             1.120" edge thickness

                    16.25" f3.9 64.0" fl.* Astrositall                    1.590" edge thickness     

                    20" f3.3   66.0" fl.*   fused quartz                 1.810" edge thickness

                    24" f3.0   72.0" fl.*   fused quartz                 1.605" edge thickness

                    24" f4.0   96.0" fl.*   fused quartz                 2.015" edge thickness

* Focal length is approximate at this time and a final focal length will be provided after completion and all QC checks have been performed.



Please refresh your browser so that you may have our current up to date offerings

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