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              Equipment For Sale

High quality Plano Convex Lens mounted in a heavy-duty cell. The lens is coated both sides, antireflective. Clear aperture is 9.4" diameter.

R = 17.85" and the focal is approximately 35.25". This would make a great collimator lens for a Fizeau interferometer (red or green laser).

$750.00 + shipping - lower 48 States only due to weight.

High quality spherometer, professionally made. Radius of the feet can be expanded from 4" to 6". Supplied as shown in pictures.

750.00 + shipping.

Laser head-1.jpg

Laser head + power supply. 2.0mW. 1.75" diameter x 13" L.

$150.00. Free shipping to lower 48 States.

This is a GREAT shop tool. Made by Perkin-Elmer and is SN 002. Not sure if they made any more than two as I have never seen another. Easy to set up and it can test both coated and uncoated optics. Comes with instructions on how to set it up. The same instructions I got with it when I bought it 20 years ago. Supplied with a robust xyz stage. Interferometry doesn't get any easier than this.

$7,500 + shipping lower 48 States.

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